Gregory King considers dance as a social text—connecting issues of race, gender, and sexuality while bringing awareness to equity and inclusion. His interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship and teaching situate dance within a broad historical, cultural, and intellectual context.

He serves as the communication and research strategist for tall Poppy, a New York City based organization that works to cultivate a unique community of diverse artists by tailoring its investments to each artist’s individual goals.

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College / University Courses & Workshops
Modern: Horton Technique
Jazz Technique
Laban Movement Analysis (Certified)
Musical Theater
Dance History

Pre-Professional & Community Workshops
Modern: Horton Technique
Contemporary Modern
Jazz Technique
LMA Directed Exploration

CONTACT: to arrange workshops or residencies tailored to your students and organization.

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Research & Writing


When Dance Voices Protest
by Gregory King and Ellen Chenoweth
Published in the Society of Dance History Scholars, Vol. XXXVI
Also Featured in the Seminal Publication:
Art Became the Oxygen: A Guide to Artistic Response

Queer Artists of Color: Why Their Work Matters, Thinking Dance

Why This A-List Modern Dance Director Loves Bringing Shows to Philly, BillyPen

The Dance Enthusiast Hits the Streets: International Association of Blacks in Dance in Denver, The Dance Enthusiast


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